O my God! Source of all mercy! I acknowledge Your sovereign power. While recalling the wasted years that are past, I believe that You, Lord, can in an instant turn this loss to gain. Miserable as I am, yet I firmly believe that You can do all things. Please restore to me the time lost, giving me Your grace, both now and in the future, that I may appear before You in “wedding garments.” Amen.

A Prayer to Redeem Lost Time, by Teresa of Avila

We literally watched all of Compton during the times that we were flying, so we could zoom in anywhere within the city of Compton and follow cars and see people. From: http://m.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2014/04/sheriffs-deputy-compares-drone-surveillance-of-compton-to-big-brother/360954/

Ross McNutt of Persistence Surveillance Systems, describing the mass surveillance system used in the city of Compton, CA by the sheriff’s department in 2012, capturing high-resolution video of everything that happened inside that 10-square-mile municipality. (via hipsterlibertarian)

I can’t wait till these systems will be live monitored by a deputized class of citizens! Past loves Future!

I was seeking comic originality, and fame fell on me as a by-product. The course was more plodding than heroic: I did not strive valiantly against doubters but took incremental steps studded with a few intuitive leaps. I was not naturally talented—I didn’t sing, dance, or act—though working around that minor detail made me inventive. I was not self-destructive, though I almost destroyed myself.

Steve Martin, Born Standing Up, one of my favorite books.

This passage was about his comedic career but is relevant to so, so many things in life

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Whenever a movie costume is on display, or is sold into the hands of a private collector, what is often heard said is just how detailed the costume is, and how much work went into it that simply cannot be seen or appreciated on film.

However, with the current shift to HD television shows and BluRay films, that is starting to change. The above costume is a wonderful example of how an absolutely exquisite gown becomes something completely different when the details can be seen. The costume worn by Geraldine Chapman as Fräulein Rottenmeier in the 2005 production of Heidi is certainly beautiful in its graceful lines and shape. However, when seen in the Doctor Who Christmas Special The Snowmen in 2012 on Jenna Louise Coleman as Clara, the previously unseen textures become more apparent, as do the subtle variations of colours in the different fabrics.

Costume Credit: Supremesoufflegirl

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Mantua making is an art. Whoever says otherwise is daft.

If you have the chance of going to Rome during Holy Week, I advise you to attend the afternoon service at St Peter’s on Thursday. That is really the Good Friday service, as the Roman Catholic Church anticipates its feasts from noon on the previous day*. […] On Maundy Thursday the twelve candles on the altar are put out as a symbol of the disciples’ flight, till in the vast space there is only one candle left burning in the middle – for Christ. After that comes the cleansing of the altar. […] Then at 12 noon [on the Saturday] the Easter Alleluia is sung, the organ plays again, the bells peal, and the pictures are unveiled. This is the real celebration of Easter.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, letter to Eberhard Bethge, 23 February 1944. Letters and Papers from Prison, p.218.

(* This refers to the pre-1955 practice. Since then the rites of the Easter Triduum have been put back several hours later. See this Wikipedia article for details. I assume the “real celebration of Easter” described by Bonhoeffer now takes place on Saturday night, which is both more fitting and, I expect, more dramatic in taking place after nightfall.)


The Solarte-Roberts-Sizemore triple play.

Why the sport has not gone the way of other 19th century pastimes.


The Solarte-Roberts-Sizemore triple play.

Why the sport has not gone the way of other 19th century pastimes.




"West Palm Beach" by Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy live in Frankfurt 3/7/14

Always a Delight that Billy

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The State of American Beer - Atlantic Mobile

Beer. Something worth reading about. Something worth caring about.